An outing with the divine Cleo Glyde

Cleo on vintage tour, MelbourneSo here we are on our Vintage Outing with the gorgeous Cleo Glyde and the lovely Lisa Hunt.. Cleo is doing a story on Melbourne’s Vintage hub, so we will be introducing Cleo to some of our finest Vintage collectors- Circa Vintage, DeMille, Mme Virtue and the Junk Company..

It’s now 1pm we have been cruising now for a couple of hours in Bianca (our 1962 Fiat 1500) visiting our favourite  stores and we have now come to a stand still in Crossley Lane with the sweet Dean from Mme Virtue. He and Cleo are having too much fun gossiping about Claude (Montana) and Karl (Lagerfiield) (“names, names, names..”) it’s classic, but we don’t mind it gives us a chance to admire all the gorgeous pieces from the Madames archives..oohhh check out that Chanel number..
Ok focus, it’s time to get Cleo to her lunch date so we say our goodbyes MWAH (air kiss) MWAH (air kiss) and we are off.

What a morning! It was such a delight to meet the divine Cleo. What an inspiration! With a family background in theatre and a veteran in the fashion circles, it’s no wonder she has personality plus and just oozes glamour! Just a word of advice though, if ever you are going to be interviewed by an ex catwalk model, wear your highest heels!

Before Myki card

Before plastic cards that you have to swipe, there were cardboard tickets that a person gave you with a hole punched in it. Do they bring you back? Remember the good old transport tickets and movie tickets. These were something to be treasured. Such a great piece of history. I discovered these at the Junk Company.