A cut above

Melbourne never ceases to surprise when it comes to vintage shopping. Recently we rediscovered a hidden gem. This inspirational  family business, began making quality men’s shirts in the 1950’s until the present day. Stepping into this establishment, takes you back to a time of martinis and cigars. It is a great insight into Melbourne’s fashion history and we are honoured to have this company as part of our Vintage Outings. So next time you wish to discover some beautifully tailored mens shirts or other vintage fashion, “A Vintage Outing” can introduce you to one of Melbourne’s iconic lables.
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‘Collectable Antiques’ in Phillip Island

Whilst visiting our scenic ‘penguin land’ down the coast, I discovered this store in Cowes known only as ‘Collectable Antiques’. A small shed tucked away from the main street between a water slide park and a petrol station, very unexpected, a pleasant surprise actually.

It had quite an extensive range of ‘retro’ clothing as owner Linda describes it. A few interesting 60’s and 70’s pieces, some great fur stoles and quite a collection of 80’s gear including some impressive ski suits.

The Bric a Bric was mostly post war ranging from a great collection of 50’s Johnson dinnerware, to an original 60’s Hoover and some wonderful toy prams in excellent condition. There weren’t many larger furniture pieces, but a good selection for that small impulsive buy. I did feel that some items were a little overpriced, but the store would attract the tourist dollar and it is the only store of it’s kind in the area, so it can probably afford to ask a higher price. Besides I believe Linda would probably be up for a little negotiating! (For your reference, there is a Salvo’s across the road if you prefer an op shop)

Unfortunately I left without a souvenir, but I was very tempted by this sweet set of 60’s ballerina prints, in small round white frames. Hmmm knowing me I will probably be making a phone order tomorrow. Oh yes I forgot to mention, Linda is not very techy so no web presence or email, just good old fashion phone. The business card even lists her home phone number, how great is that! I guess it is only a small town.


Collectable Antiques 

Ph: 5952 5559